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Players, parents and coaches have sought out StickStar as a source for LACROSSE DEVELOPMENT / EDUCATION for over two decades. Our style is unique and our skill sets are identifiable, but that only scratches the surface of the

2) Seniority

Longest Running Club Program in the State / Region.

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No TX program has had more National Success than StickStar.

Outdoor Training 8-14-22-27
Proprietary System

The Component Based Instructional Methodology.  A system of basics that builds!

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More Texans at the Next Level are Alums of StickStar than any other program in the State.

Get Integrated, I'M IN!


StickStar provides year round programming.  Our offerings range across a variety of fronts.  We are the universal donor!  Get started with us TODAY!


Box Program

Box Lacrosse is the best environment for lacrosse development, especially at the youth level. The Texas Box Program has been training teams / traveling Box teams for a decade.



At StickStar we build the most important skill in players, CONFIDENCE.  By fostering a positive training environment we create players who are confident in their SKILL SETS and ultimately allows them to be CREATIVE.


Field Program

StickStars' Club Program is the Longest Running in the State and Region.  Our Brands, Dallas Select and Texas United are well known and respected nationwide by other Club Directors and College Lacrosse Coaches. 



The RINK is the best environment for lacrosse development that exists. This environment allows you to learn how to play all aspects of the game, making a more intelligent, capable, confident, and well rounded player in all phases.


There are more StickStar ALUMS who've played a the Next Level than any other program (School or Club).  We want players playing at the Next Level regardless of where it is!  We've had guys play NCAA, NAIA, MCLA, NLL and PLL!

Notable | Past and Present

StickStar ALUMS

Dalton Sulver
NLL Bandits
Jack Hannah
PLL WaterDogs
Nakeie Montgomery
PLL - Redwoods
Jon Robbins
PLL Archers
Luke Healy
Bellarmine '23
Mason Vance
Michigan '24
Layton Speer
Cleveland State '23
Haydn Sommer
AFA '22
Oisin McTigue
Lindenwood Captain
Harris Hubbard
Washington & Lee Captain
Quinn Binney
Army Captain
Andrew Regala
Cleveland State Captain
Carson Raney
Ohio State
Makay Hansen
Colorado College
Reid Vender
Univ. of Alabama Huntsville Captain
Drew Wasserman
Univ. of Utah

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Interested in your player reaching their potential. Through our system of skill development we create CONFIDENCE in players of all levels. If consistent, they will become the best version of that player, possible. #StickStarHabits

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