Field Program

Longest running TX Club program

StickStars' Club Program is the Longest Running in the State and Region.  Our Brands, Dallas Select and Texas United are well known and respected nationwide by other Club Directors and College Lacrosse Coaches.  No other Texas Lacrosse Club Program has had more alums from its rosters play in College (230+ NCAA Athletes) or had more success competing Nationwide.  Our goal was to establish a PRECEDENT for Texas, and we have.

Summer & Fall Programs


Summer 2024

Consistent summer practices throughout May & June.  3 Local Field Tournaments during the months of June, with travel opportunities in July.  Click Here to fill out our Summer 2024 Competition Survey.  2024 Prax Schedule TBD.

2023 prax | may 17, 19, 23, 26, 30
June | 2, 6, 9, 13, 16 | July 7 in co


Fall / Winter 2024

Our Fall Dallas Seminar kicks off consistent Sunday night Practices throughout September & October.  3 Local Field Tournaments during the months of November & December. Fall Details TBD, past Details below.

seminar sept. 9/10
prax | sept. 17, 24 | Oct. 1, 15
McInnish Park | Carrollton, Tx

A Program, not just a team

StickStar is a PROGRAM, not simply a ROSTER that changes year to year. We are a program that consists of players / parents who are process driven, and are looking to train / compete consistently over time.  We field competitive teams while remaining flexible, following an "A LA CARTE" model. StickStar’s Field Program competes in the Fall & Summer, and each season has consistent weekly practice followed by a Tournament Schedule. Please fill out the StickStar Survey to demonstrate your IMMEDIATE interest in competing in our tournament offerings. We look forward to developing your player, here are some other players we've developed! 

A Program has Culture.

One of the best parts of StickStar is its Club Team History & Program Culture.  Our culture is alive.  We have a culture of training, first and foremost.  Our players believe in our style of training.  Our culture has its own vocabulary, from Precedent to Gasolina, from theU, to Finish Everything to Hey....Lets go, everything is a part of the #KhakiCulture. To Learn more about our History and Culture click here.


A Program has System.

One of the best parts of StickStar is its consistent system / methodology.  The program is built on foundation of consistency of development.  StickStar’s component based methodology has proved applicable to players from any area. StickStar’s belief is that at the end of the day if a player trains with StickStar consistently they will be the best possible version of the player they can be. The ability to transfer skill to players who train consistently is well documented. All StickStar Educators speak with the same voice, and all teams are looking to execute concepts within the StickStar System. To Learn more about our System / Methodology click here.


A Program has Longevity.

One of the best parts of StickStar is its Longevity.  StickStar has trained players for over 2 decades, and there is something to be said for that consistency over time.  While the landscape is always changing, one thing remains the same, StickStar is competing and training at a high level.  To learn more about our History please click here!

A Program is cyclical in nature.

Finally, one of the best parts of StickStar is its cyclical nature.  When players leave HS, or leave their club rarely do the return to associate.  For StickStar the door is always open, and our ALUMS are always coming back to coach.  One of our most indelible impacts on the game is our belief in building the next great Wave of Texas coaches.  We have been incredibly fortunate to have our players back on our sidelines even after they are done playing.  To Learn more about the impact our Alums are making as Coaches please click here!


train with us | PRAX PLAYERS

Fall & Summer PRAX players welcome. We develop players who succeed at the next level. Train with us today!


"If I had my choice, I would have every player under the age of 12 play box lacrosse exclusively or at least a majority of the time."  ~Bill Tierney

The Texas Box Program is a major component of our Field Program.  Our Field program really starts in middle school as we believe the Box Game is better for the development of all our Youth Players.  From 7th down, we focus on building skill and execution in the rink.

Our Youth Players have the opportunity to train year round, while competing both locally and nationally.  If you and your player are serious about development and interested in a more appropriate solution, please demonstrate interest below.

Bill Tierney is arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time.  We share his sentiment!  All interested youth players should join this program!