#StickStarReport is back, and settling into our new home. We are once again revving back up for more Consistent and Comprehensive coverage of lacrosse in the Lone Star State.  StickStar is so proud of Texas Lacrosse, where it is at, and more importantly, where it is going.  As the Texas Lacrosse Company, we pride ourselves in what we've been able to do in terms of highlighting this great game.  If you'd like to help us in this endeavor, we are looking for sponsors to help with coverage!

In addition to our coverage of the game, we now look to LEAD THE DISCUSSION, through our Podcast, StickStar 2.0. We will cover a variety of topics including:

Growth of the Game in Texas
Recruitment and Matriculation
Best Practices for Development
Best Practices for Program Growth
Coaching Corners / Interviews
Texans at the Next Level Profiles and much much more.