StickStar Report is Back


The Longest Running source for content in the State / Region will redouble its effort to be a resource for ALL. As we move towards the relaunch of we will look to help facilitate the conversation for all groups, the Players, the Programs, the Parents and the Coaches. To shape the discussion we will lean on our 20+ years of history in the market, and specifically in this state.

  1. The Player: 1st and foremost we will advocate for THE PLAYER. We will advocate through not only promotion of Texas Lacrosse Players, but also we will discuss the psyche. We will discuss development, and we will discuss the best ways to reach goals and much more.
  2. The Program: In addition to the player, we will try to provide insight into Program development. Many programs lack corporate memory and best practices for program maintenance as much is lost with board turnover At both the Youth and HS Levels. We will create an outlet for Programs who have questions and seek insight as the landscape of lacrosse is always changing.
  3. The Parent: While many parents go through this adventure 1 or 2 times, we’ve gone through it hundreds of times watching players develop and transition from youth to HS and above. We’ve seen successes, mistakes, improvements, and a variety of paths. It is a complicated space to Navigate and we will look to help foster the discussion from Development to Recruitment and everywhere in between.
  4. Coaches: The Relationship with coaches is always interesting and has changed throughout our tenure in this space. While we have incredibly thought provoking discussions with many coaches on development, some relationships are strained due to the nature of the competitive select space. Regardless we will continue to be a sounding board for advancement and creativity when it comes to development.
We will also continue to be a REAL RESOURCE for college coaches as they inquire about players in the Region and their ability to play at the NEXT LEVEL (whatever that might be!).
StickStar has always looked to provide Texas with consistent Value over time, and with the StickStarReport, and the new homepage, we will continue to do just that! Welcome Back!