Building Confident Players | StickStar Spring Break Seminars

Is there anything more important than CONFIDENCE nowadays?

At StickStar we build the most important skill in players, CONFIDENCE.  By fostering a positive training environment we create players who are confident in their SKILL SETS and ultimately allows them to be CREATIVE.

Over the next two weekends StickStar will hold Spring Break Seminars in both Dallas and Houston.  5 hours, 2 sessions, and a little injection of slickness into your players repertoire.

StickStarHabits are built on efficiency of motion and this conceptual understanding leads to consistent skill development. We layer skill on to all players. We believe that all lacrosse players can be skilled and capable when developed in our program.  The initial ability of a player doesn't matter, the only things that matters is that they start to train, we will get them there.

StickStar is THE Texas Lacrosse Company, and we’ve helped develop hundreds of players play lacrosse at the NCAA level.  Our goal is to develop players, consistently over time, regardless of where they are at in the process.  Regardless of your skill set, we can sprinkle skill onto your game.

Our very first seminars took place in 2012.  Our statewide training initiative hit a snag with Covid, but we are back!  We hope your player will start over Spring Break.  Register Today!  Details below.

March 11
9Am to 1130am
4PM to 630PM

 March 18 / 19
Day 1 4pm to 630pm
Day 2 9am to 1130AM

March 18th
Noon to 3pm