About us

About us

At StickStar, we pride ourselves as innovators and leaders in the Texas Lacrosse Experience for over 2 decades. We have helped develop, cover, build, and evolve with the sport in the LoneStar State, through thoughtful discussion and insight from a Native Texas Lacrosse Constituency. We love and care for Texas Lacrosse a great deal and look forward to moving the sport forward over the years to come.


StickStar is the Texas Lacrosse Company, because Texas Lacrosse is our passion.  While entering the scene in the 90s as players and then forging a business through the early 2000s, no one has been committed to this sport in this same capacity as StickStar.  Whether traveling across the State to train, spending countless hours in the car, and subsequently at the fields with players, or reporting on games to increase the Texas Lacrosse foot nationally, our dedication to the players and the sport in the LoneStar State is unrivaled.  We have seen this sport GROW, and CHANGE over the course of two 4 DECADES, and we will continue to help guide it, as only WE CAN!

The Socratic Method

The Socratic Method is a dialogue between teacher and students, instigated by the continual probing questions of the teacher, in a concerted effort to explore the true conceptual understanding of the students Lacrosse IQ. Ultimately through these discussions / questions our players learn to speak the LANGUAGE OF LACROSSE!

Our Staff

The StickStar Coaching staff is built upon consistency. StickStar Coaches or Educators are forged by their unwavering commitment to consistency at the field, over time. All StickStar Coaches speak with the same voice, stressing the same key components and underlying system. Many of the coaches are former alums of the program, or Coaches who fall in line / appreciate our details. We build #StickStarHabits.

System and Consistent Methodology

The proprietary StickStar Component Based Instructional Methodology helps make any player the best possible version of themselves from a skill and understanding standpoint. Simply put, if you train with StickStar consistently the results are guaranteed. What does consistently mean, well, it's a process. The more time you invest, the more you will improve, which cannot be said for all training options. #StickStarHabits are real, and translatable. This system has been built by spending THOUSANDS of HOURS IN THE LAB (at the field) and constantly searching for a better way to develop skill & understanding!

Coaching Coaches

Early on we identified the need to continue to develop more TEXAS LACROSSE COACHES.  While many are interested in shipping them in from other parts of the country, it is hard to get folks to stick.  We've seen many come and go, and appreciate their contribution but we've always needed more Texans to fill the ranks.  We've always made it a priority to work on developing former StickStar Players and others interested in increasing fulfilling their coaching prowess.  Some of the best young coaches come from our tree, and we couldn't be more proud of their contributions to the sport!