Texas Box | Bayou Box Partnership

StickStar is thrilled to announce that it has formalized a partnership with Houston's Bayou Box League to bring it into the Texas Box Association.  The Bayou Box League is a well established Box presence in the Houston market, under the operation of HYLAX.  Texas Box will look to layer on Coaches, Player, and Referee development while enhancing the game play / overall environment.

StickStar | Texas Box Lacrosse has been training / traveling box players across the country for 9 Years.  The Longest running Box outfit in the Lone Star State.  The Texas Box League officially launched 4 years ago in Dallas and has been building its league environment ever since.  The TBL offers both Winter & Summer Leagues in Dallas.

Our initial commitment is to safety, and the rules which allow the rink to ultimately be a safe environment.  From there we look to build on nuanced skill / game understanding.  Ultimately what is left, we believe is the best environment for the development for all players.

Registration is now starting for 8U, 6U, and 4U Leagues in Houston.  The Leagues will start playing in August.  The Bayou Box League will offer both weekly developmental & game play opportunities.

THIS PARTNERSHIP WITH BAYOU BOX now makes the Texas Box Association Statewide.  

The Texas Box League is growing!  We are excited announce more upcoming initiatives that will change the landscape of our leagues / association and it's efforts here in Dallas, Houston and across the State.  We can't wait.  We look forward to seeing the Bayou Box League grow!  #TxHome4Box