20 YRS of StickStar Summer Teams

StickStar is Texas' Longest Running Club Program.

That's right, in 2023 StickStar Club Teams enter their 20th Summer of Texas player development.  It marks Year 16 of wearing Khaki Shorts (the Dallas Select Brand - High School), Year 12 of the Tx Flag Pennie (The Texas United Youth Brand), and Year 9 of Texas Box Lacrosse Travel Teams.  We take pride in our PROGRAMS consistency over time.

Training + Competition = Program

This summer training will ramp up in May, through June, and a portion of July.  We will compete locally and on the road for field and box.  Much of the info Regarding our Program can be found on our Field Program Tab.   We are a program, not just a team.  We have culture., a system, longevity, and a program that is cyclical (Players leave and come back to Coach).

If you know you would like to compete, please fill out our Summer Survey immediately.

If you know of players who would like to become the best version of themselves, please have them submit a Prospective Player Form!

Spring Break Seminar + Texas Box League Info Coming Soon

In addition to our Practice / Competition Schedules, we will also have a Spring Break Seminar & our Texas Box League on Mondays in May.  Those details will be forthcoming as we look to finalize fields.  Our StickStar Seminars were the back bone of our program and while we have really enjoyed the consistency of the Monday night training, the Seminars allowed us to build Field Based Components that immediately layered into our style of Execution.  Our goal is to drive as many players as possible to our Spring Break Seminar in Dallas.

We cannot wait for this summer and look forward to continuing our tradition of education.  LETS GO!  #KhakiCulture

Field Program Graphic