Our New Website!


As you can tell, StickStarLacrosse.com just got an upgrade.  The Original StickStarLacrosse.com saw many 1sts for StickStar including: StickStarReport, Texas United, Texas Box Lacrosse, Combines / Seminars, Players of the Year and much much more. We did however outgrow the site in terms of scope / layout / functionality.

Now, we transition into www.StickStarLacrosse 2.0.  We have a clear understanding of where we are at, and where we are going.  StickStar and Texas Lacrosse go hand in hand.  Our goal is to help Lead in Texas Lacrosse, helping to move the state forward.  We now enter our 26th Season of involvement in the Texas Lacrosse landscape.  Starting our playing career in 1997 at Coppell and growing with the game from then to now.


StickStar has always been Unique, Identifiable, and Consistent over Time.  This is StickStar in its essence and we will continue to bring all of these components to the StickStar brand and our new Website moving forward!  Most importantly we are thrilled with the functionality of the New Site, and how it tells our story.  Please stay tuned to much much more as we ramp this bad boy up!

We appreciate your consideration!
Anthony Crimmins
StickStar Owner / Operator