It’s March and you know what that means…


That’s right, and the young Spring Season has not disappointed in that regard.  I mean we are 9 days into March for goodness sakes and the outcomes of certain traditional matches have thrown us for a loop.

Southlake over ESD

Last night, the Southlake Dragons put together arguably one of the biggest wins in program history, and potentially their first ever win against the Episcopal School of Dallas, by a score of 14-6.  Yes, you read that right, the Dragons got after the Eagles led by Luke Sganga who tallied an 7-goal evening.  Again, you read that right, 7 buckets for the kid.  I haven’t seen anything like that in awhile, I haven’t even heard of anything like that. (Name that reference.)

All references aside it was a well-rounded effort in all phases of the game for Southlake.  Their defense was stout with Zane Mammoser standing tall in goal, while senior Grant Doby put the clamps on UVA bound Sean Browne Jr.  The Dragons bounced back after a tough loss to St. Marks 9-7 which leads us to our 2nd contest of the evening.

Above Photo Credit: Southlake Style

St. Marks over Jesuit

Over at Ranger Stadium the St. Marks Lions avenged their Final 4 loss from a year ago by defeating Jesuit 11-8.  Coach Trey Whitty is making an incredible impact with a significant foundation in a short amount of time.  After defeating a talented Southlake squad just over a week ago, this certainly is another step in the right direction as it is always difficult to knock off the defending State Champs.

Parity "Thus Far” in 2023

If you add in the Westlake win against Jesuit you have a recipe for tremendous parity during the 2023 Texas High School Lacrosse Season.  It is incredibly refreshing to see the playing field leveled as it makes for a more compelling build up to the post season.  While there have always been certain favorites it is variety that is truly the spice of life and we are excited to take in these weekly contests with the results ultimately in the balance.

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