StickStar Report 2.0.1


Since its inception StickStarReport has focused primarily on print, however; when covid hit we at StickStar turned to videos and zoom calls in our content development. We did our best to loop in coaches from across the country and create a more digital based platform. This allowed us to shift from reporting to conversation and moving forward this will be a key component of the StickStarReport.


When Players / Parents / Program / Coaches are looking fore regional insight you really can’t find anyone who SPEAKS on the topics. We will look to LEAD THE DISCUSSION. We have a venue to host the conversation at our Studio within the friendly confines of the StickStar Pro Shop. Now when some wants to step in and have a conversation on the record, we can do just that.
Duration: We want this to be consumable. We will look to make our conversations the length it takes to:
1) Drive to work
2) Drink a Couple Cups of Coffee
3) Take a Walk
4) While hanging out at part of your players practice.
We want to make it convenient for you to JOIN OUR CONVERSATION while maintaining your busy schedule. We hope you’ll enjoy StickStarReport 2.0 as we move towards the relaunch of


 StickStarReport 2.0.1 - Getting to Know You!

StickStarReport, The Longest Running source for content in the State / Region will redouble its effort to be a resource for ALL. Helping to facilitate the conversation for all groups, the Players, the Programs, the Parents and the Coaches. To shape the discussion we will lean on our 20+ years of history in the market, and specifically in this state.